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"They are all hysterically funny! By the way, you owe me a new keyboard because I choked on my coffee when I was reading these and it went all over it! :-) Just kidding. Honestly though, these are just so, so funny! I like the trash talkin' ones best! A+ for all! - Thanks!"
- Patrick, Chicago

"I just got my shirts in the mail today and I LOVE them!!! Thanks so much! Can't wait to wear them :) I'll definitely be ordering more!"
- Lindsay, LA

Dude !! Awesome Shirts ! I just bought a bunch ! Keep in touch"
- Alberto, Atlanta

"Excellent shirts! Did 8 miles yesterday in my new Athena gear. Though many funny looks, the shirt wore well for a long run. And the big hit, not one ounce of sunburn as I can sometimes get with those types of shirts. Sure, my arms and back of my neck were lobster red, but the rest of me was in good shape. :)"
- Sarah, Santa Clara

"Hey Tav, I just wanted to let you know I got the shirts. They look great! Thanks a bunch. I'll probably be putting more orders in the coming months."
- Ryan, Monterey Park

"I got the shirts today:) I love them. THANKS SO MUCH!"
- Rebecca, Michigan

"Okay, so wore your shirt this weekend and ended up with 5 guys following me around for over an hour...and I wasnt even running, just shopping at the mall. Super cute shirt - fits great"
- Kathy, Tulsa

"Got the shirts yesterday. Awesome!!! Thank you very much for the freebie! My wife Nancy grabbed it before I even had a chance to ask her if she would wear it. She has already packed it for my race on Sunday so she can wear it as she cheers me on."
- Daniel, Virginia

"Unbelievably awesome of you. If you want a blurb for your website feel free to quote me as saying that even if my own mother made tri shirts I would rather buy from you. The designs and customer service are that good! - Thanks again
- Dan, Knoxville

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tshirt hell

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