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"They are all hysterically funny! By the way, you owe me a new keyboard because I choked on my coffee when I was reading these and it went all over it! :-) Just kidding. Honestly though, these are just so, so funny! I like the trash talkin' ones best! A+ for all! - Thanks!"

- Patrick, Chicago

"I just got my shirts in the mail today and I LOVE them!!! Thanks so much! Can't wait to wear them :) I'll definitely be ordering more!"
- Lindsay, LA

Dude !! Awesome Shirts ! I just bought a bunch ! Keep in touch"
- Alberto, Atlanta

"Excellent shirts! Did 8 miles yesterday in my new Athena gear. Though many funny looks, the shirt wore well for a long run. And the big hit, not one ounce of sunburn as I can sometimes get with those types of shirts. Sure, my arms and back of my neck were lobster red, but the rest of me was in good shape. :)"
- Sarah, Santa Clara

"Hey Tav, I just wanted to let you know I got the shirts. They look great! Thanks a bunch. I'll probably be putting more orders in the coming months."
- Ryan, Monterey Park

"I got the shirts today:) I love them. THANKS SO MUCH!"
- Rebecca, Michigan

"Okay, so wore your shirt this weekend and ended up with 5 guys following me around for over an hour...and I wasnt even running, just shopping at the mall. Super cute shirt - fits great"
- Kathy, Tulsa

"Got the shirts yesterday. Awesome!!! Thank you very much for the freebie! My wife Nancy grabbed it before I even had a chance to ask her if she would wear it. She has already packed it for my race on Sunday so she can wear it as she cheers me on."
- Daniel, Virginia

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Triathlon Girls of GymSkinZTriathlon Clothing - 2007 GymSkinZ Collection

Under Armour, UnderArmour Style Base Layer Compression Fit Tops
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GymSkinZ BASEPRO by GymSkinZ
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GymSkinZ BasePRO Performance Under Armour Style, Thinsulate base layer clothing - exclusively by GymSkinZ. These custom technical fabric performance shirts are very similar to the well known underarmour brand of compression fit fitness tops. Triathlon Shirts, GymSkinZ offers a ton of hilarious triathlon shirts and tri clothing, as well as many other tri related accessories like stickers, hats, mugs (and more!) History of Under Armour is as follows: Under Armour was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank. The basic concept started as a simple t-shirt made using polyester fabrics. The high tech fabric that he chose had qualities that could wick sweat and other moisture through the fabric to the surface instead of absorbing it. He believed that if athletes could be dry and the moisture wicking ability could help regulate temperature they would perform better. That was his concept. Under Armour has been a company that has flown under the radar to become the leading success story in the textile industry for high performance apparel.